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Home Depot Introduces Four New Distribution Centers

Home Depot Pro services has introduced four new order fulfillment distribution centers to meet the Professional customers’ needs. Locations are Detroit, southern Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Toronto.

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Home Depot is a household name in every American home. It is one of the largest American multinational companies offering home improvement tools, construction tools, appliances, and other tools for improving homes. Home Depot has to expand its supply chain to meet the demands of professional customers.

The company offers a unique Pro account facility to its special customers. This account is different from a simple account in various ways. Let us discuss Home Depot Company’s Pro services, its benefits for customers, and the steps to set up your Pro account.

Home Depot Introduces Four New Distribution Centers

About Home Depot Pro services

Home Depot Pro service is an added benefit for Home Depot customers. It offers customers exclusive advantages, such as certain perks and amazing offers. These services include everything from various pricing programs to easy delivery options.

Customers can either create a new Pro Xtra account or convert their consumer account into a Pro Xtra. It is easy to operate this account and purchase goods and products online from the account.

Benefits and perks of choosing Home Depot Pro services

Home Depot Pro services offer a wide range of benefits to the customers, such as:

  • Multiple delivery options: Under the Pro Xtra account, customers will receive several shipping and delivery options from around 2500 outlets in the country.
  • Rental services: You can rent your trucks, equipment, and trailers for any task within the city or outside.
  • Good customer support: Customers will get good in-store Pro customer support under the Pro Xtra account. This account saves customers time and offers benefits like call-ahead ordering and checkout.
  • Savings on purchase: Pro services of Home Depot Company are beneficial for customers who want to improve the look of their home. These services include discounts on bulk purchases of home improvement products and other tools.
  • Multiple purchasing options: You can choose different options, such as credit cards, according to your business’s needs.
  • Access to advanced tools: Customers with a Pro Xtra account will get advanced digital tools for various tasks. These tools are helpful in multiple jobs, such as repairing, plumbing, and construction.
  • Easy to order rare products: Home Depot Company makes rare products available to customers with a Pro Xtra account. These home improvement and commercial products are not quickly sold in retail or local stores.
  • Rewards: At the Home Depot store, customers receive rewards after spending one dollar. These rewards include Pro Extra dollars or credit on tool rental services, which unlocks a perk.

Steps to set up a Pro account

  1. It is simple to set up a Pro Xtra account on the Home Depot website.
  2. To use the company’s services, you must complete a minor sign-up procedure.
  3. After completing the sign-up process, you will have a variety of different options that are not available in Home Depot’s consumer account.
  4. You will have to enter the registered email ID and password to sign in to the account.

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