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Tankless Water Heater Buying Guide

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Tankless water heater buying guide

Winters are around, and every home needs a smart water heater to beat this chilly weather. The trend of installing a tankless water heater has been growing in every home in recent times. It is one of the most popular options for modern homes situated in cold regions.

Installing a tankless heater offers many benefits to families, such as low energy consumption, more storage, and high savings.

This guide will help you buy the right tankless water heater for your home.

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What is a Tankless water heater?

It is a heater without a tank. It provides hot water according to your needs. You can heat water for one member or the entire family according to their needs. It is small and can be easily installed in small spaces such as exterior walls or a closet.

You can purchase this item from any of the home improvement stores in the USA.

Tankless water heater

Kinds of tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters are mainly of 2 types, i.e., condensing and non-condensing heaters.

Let us discuss both these kinds in detail in this section:

1. Condensing water heater

Condensing water heaters heat water with the help of high-temperature exhaust. They use less heat and work better than traditional water heaters. However, it is expensive to maintain a condensing water heater at home.

2. Non-condensing water heater

Non-condensing water heaters heat the water with heat exchangers. They work on stainless steel flue pipes to withstand the heat. These water heaters have less installation cost and do not get damaged even after years.

How does this water heater work?

Tankless water heaters must be installed correctly on the exterior walls or in a closet to provide a total supply of hot water. Various models of tankless water heaters are available in the market, such as electric, natural gas, and propane.

These heaters work either on gas or electricity to heat water as it enters the unit. If the heater has gas, it will heat the water with a gas burner. On the other hand, the water will be heated with electrical resistance heating coils in the heater powered by electricity.

Benefits of Tankless water heater

The tankless heater heats the water according to your daily needs at home. It works with the latest technology, and it allows continuous hot water to flow into your house. Installing a tankless water heater offers various benefits, such as:

  • Good materials

Tankless water heaters are made of materials that can resist heat and water. They do not rust or get damaged by moisture, heat, or dust. Thus, they are durable and work for many years without maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

  • Compact size

Due to the small size, you can install a tankless water heater in a limited space. These heaters save space in your home to store other necessary items for daily use.

  • Reduces energy bills

Tankless water heaters reduce water bills every month, thereby increasing your monthly savings. Apart from that, it is also more durable than traditional water heaters and works for about 20 years or more. Using a tankless water heater will reduce the amount of waste in the environment.

  • Heats water instantly

Tankless water heaters can heat water in a few minutes. You need to insert the plug of the heater into the socket and turn on the switch to start heating the water. It saves time and completes the task in a few minutes.

How to choose the best tankless water heater for your home?

Installing a tankless water heater is very necessary for homes located in cold regions. It is a long-term investment for every homeowner, and you need to consider various factors before buying one. Choosing the right tankless water heater is necessary according to the size of the home and the needs of the family.

The other things to consider while buying the tankless water heater are:

1. Size of the water heater

The first thing to consider is the size of the water heater. Tankless heaters are available in different sizes. You must choose the size according to your family’s size and water needs. Please do not go for a minimal unit to save money, as it will not fulfill the needs of all family members. On the other hand, a large water heater for a small family increases the cost every month.

Consider things such as the amount of hot water used by your family members and the number of fixtures to operate the heater. You can choose one tankless water heater for the entire home or numerous point-of-use water heaters to focus on one faucet. Installing point-of-use water heaters is a better option as they are placed very near the appliance and reduce lag time.

2. GPM or Flow rate

Secondly, you have to consider the total flow rate of your home. To calculate the water needs of your home, you have to consider the number of devices that your water heater will support. Apart from that, it would help if you also counted the total fixtures or appliances used daily at your home for various tasks.

You can add the flow rate of every appliance to get the total flow rate of your home. To check the flow rate of the appliances, you can check the company manual or the GPM stamped directly on the appliance.

3. Type of fuel

Tankless water heaters come in two main kinds: gas and electric. Gas heaters cost more than electric water heaters and require less to no maintenance. However, gas-powered water heaters heat more water at a time.

Electric water heaters do not need venting and can be placed anywhere in the home. They are easy to maintain but can heat less amount of water at a time.

4. Budget

The most important thing to consider is your budget. Tankless water heaters are costlier than ordinary water heaters. Tankless heaters cost around $1000 and above in the market. However, the prices may differ according to the size of the unit, features, location, fuel type, and some other factors.

You must consider other costs while purchasing a water heater, such as the cost of the plumbing system, the cost of upgrading the system, and labor costs.


Buying a tankless water heater is one of the best things for smart homes where the need for hot water is high. This buying guide will help you get the right water heater for your home at reasonable rates.

You can look for nearby manufacturers and retailers of tankless water heaters online and ask for quotes. Compare the quotes and choose the one that fits your home and family needs.

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